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14 Jun 2013

26 Apr 2013

18 Jan 2013

Design Inspiration


Gocycle® is the fusion of my day-to-day experiences living in London, my expertise in lightweight vehicle design and my insight into the market opportunity of providing better city-specific mobility solutions.

Having commuted by cycle for many years, I can attest to the freedom that comes with riding a two-wheeler. But I have also had many unpleasant experiences with traditional bikes, such as arriving to work hot and sweaty, having to change from cycle to office clothing, getting dirty chain grease on my pants, fixing a messy flat tyre, having two bicycles stolen within six months, and even being heckled for riding "one of those funny looking fold-up bikes"!

In January 2002, my total dissatisfaction with traditional bike design compelled me to leave McLaren Cars Limited, and from my one bedroom London flat, I began to develop a new class of powered two-wheeler designed specifically to meet the needs of the modern city dweller. Gocycle combines power, portability and style—and makes commuting fun! This unique combination of benefits sets Gocycle apart from the competition.

I am deeply passionate about Gocycle, and I hope you decide to try one for yourself.

Richard Thorpe

Designer of Gocycle®
Founder of Karbon Kinetics Ltd.  


19 Sep 2012

01 Sep 2012

Gocycle® G2 Premieres at EUROBIKE 2012 and Receives EUROBIKE Award


LONDON, 29 August 2012: Karbon Kinetics Ltd. (KKL) today announced that Gocycle G2—the second-generation model of its award-winning electric two-wheeler—has received the EUROBIKE Award at the model’s premiere at the EUROBIKE 2012 show.
Organised by iF International Forum Design GmbH and sponsored by Messe Friedrichshafen, the EUROBIKE Award was presented to Gocycle on 29 August in Friedrichshafen, Germany. Out of 439 total entries from 28 countries, Gocycle G2 was one of 84 products that received this award that honours innovations in the bicycle industry.
This is the second iF Award that Gocycle has received. At EUROBIKE 2009, the first-generation model of Gocycle received the GOLD Award and top honour in the electric bicycle category for outstanding achievement in design and innovation.
Richard Thorpe, founder of KKL and designer of Gocycle, commented, “We are thrilled to receive this prestigious award which recognizes our focus on design and engineering excellence. By integrating light weight, high performance and thoughtful design into our product, we continue to strive to be the technology leader in the electric two wheeler market space.”
Gocycle G2 employs leading-edge technology with features such as electronic shifting, integrated dashboard display, torque sensing for the pedals, lithium battery power and multiple user-driving modes. All Gocycle G2 models are smart phone-enabled.

KKL’s top-of-the-range G2R model (suggested retail price EUR3,499) is available for purchase through select resellers throughout the European Union and Switzerland (see and directly through for mainland United Kingdom customers.

23 May 2012

19 May 2012

05 Oct 2011

17 Sep 2011

21 Jul 2011

21 Jul 2011

21 Jul 2011

21 Jul 2011

21 Mar 2011

Earth Hour – 8.30pm, Saturday 2011


Earth Hour – 8.30pm, Saturday
26 March 2011
The hour the world unites to celebrate
environmental actions
At 8.30pm on Saturday 26 March 2011, individuals,
communities, businesses and governments worldwide will turn
off their lights for one hour – Earth Hour – transcending all
barriers of race, religion, culture, society, gender, geography
and generation in a global celebration of the one thing that
unites us all – the planet.
Conducted first in 2007 in Sydney, Australia when 2.2 million
people and 2000 businesses turned off their lights for 1 hour,
Earth Hour now becomes the largest civil action on climate
change; reaching 1.3 billion people on every continent. Earth
Hour 2011 will see hundreds of millions of people in
cities, towns and municipalities across every continent, turning
off lights for one designated hour to celebrate the positive
actions they are taking for the planet.
Earth Hour 2011 aims to raise awareness of sustainability
issues. But there’s more to it than switching off lights for one
hour once a year. It’s all about giving people a voice and
working together to create a better future for our planet.
Earth Hour is by the people for the planet.
In encouraging individuals, businesses and governments to
commit to an act of ongoing environmental sustainability, and
acknowledging that commitment by turning off their lights for
one designated hour, Earth Hour delivers a powerful message
showcasing how they are taking action to preserve their
As normal citizens, businesses, communities and government,
you can take action on climate change by turning off
your lights for one hour on 26 March 2011 at 8.30pm
local time.
Tell the world you care about your planet. Celebrate your
action for the planet with the people of world. Together our
actions add up.

05 Mar 2011

Eco Power Sport - Plovdiv

In Plovdiv on 2, "Hristo Botev" blvd. you can make a test ride and buy some of the electric bikes of Eco Power Sport.

You are more than welcome!
Contact phone number in Plovdiv:
032/ 695524
Mobile: 0878 197144

22 Feb 2011

07 Jan 2011

Spoke Length & Rim calculator

With this calculator you can check what is the needed spoke length or the efective rim diameter of your bicycle:

04 Oct 2010

Dealer surch

If you would like to be our partner and to be a dealer of our electric bikes, you can contact us per e-mail: or you can use the contact form on the web: 


We will be glad to work with you together!


Best regards,


 Eco Power Sport Team

27 Sep 2010

Eco Power Sport - Plovdiv fair 2010


During the autumn fair in Plovdiv 2010 you can visit us and test the "Transport of the future".

You can find us from Tuesday (28.09.2010) to Friday (01.10.2010) from 9.30h till 18.00h.

All of you are invited to join us at this event!

18 Sep 2010

15 Sep 2010

24 Aug 2010

Test drive Burgas Plaza Mall


On 24th and 25th of August Eco Power Sport will organize test drive of electric bicycles.

The event will taka palce in Burgas Plaza Mall and will start at 17:00h.

All of you who are intersted in are invited!

We will be gald to meet you there!

10 Aug 2010

14 Jul 2010

Electric bike shop in Varna


Eco Power Sport has opened the first specialized shop for e-bikes in Varna. You will find the shop on Tsani Ginchev street 7. There you will be able to see some of the best e-bikes world wide.


You are welcome!

14 Jul 2010

Test Drive Burgas


On 15th of July from 17:00h Eco Power Sport we organize test drive of electric bikes.  The event will be held in Burgas Plaza Mall.

Everyone can come and join to this event!


We will be there and will expect you! 

06 Jul 2010

Test drive Burgas



Test drive Burgas will be held on Wednesday Сряда (07.07.2010) between 16h and 19h on the parking of Burgas Plaza Mall. For more information regarding the event and the models, which you can test, you can visit direct our agents: Mall Burgas --> ground floor  next to "Subway" food. 

05 Jul 2010


On 7th or 8th of July 2010 on the parking of BURGAS PLAZA MALL ECO POWER SPORT  will organize the first test drive of electric bicycles on the bulgarian black see coast! For more information you can see our web page or just visit our agents in the main floor of Mall Burgas.


We will be there and you?

11 Jun 2010

18 May 2010

29 Apr 2010

27 Apr 2010

25 Apr 2010

20 Apr 2010

14 Apr 2010

14 Apr 2010

08 Apr 2010

31 Mar 2010

29 Mar 2010

23 Mar 2010

Official Test drive in Sofia

"Eco Power Sport" is organizing the first official test drive of electric bicycles!
The event will take place between 28th April and 2nd Mai 2010 in Inter Expo Center-Sofia during the 3rd Sofia Yacht Show.
You are welcome to visit and make a free ride of our unique electric bikes.
We will meet you there! 

08 Feb 2010

01 Feb 2010

11 Jan 2010

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