Gocycle S

Gocycle S

Price: 5,250лв.

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We highly value your trust, choosing as your guide in the world of the electric bikes – “The Bikes of the Future”. That is why we guarantee and protect the confidentiality of your personal data.
Collecting of information
When you make a registration at our web site, you have to fill in an online application, contenting: Your name, home address or business address, personal or business e-mail address, personally entered access password by you, ( mobile, home or business) telephone number and etc. The information is needed because of the procedure of request processing and for completion of your registration (including sending of email for confirmation of the registration of your e-mail.)   
We are obliged to inform you, that the content of the site does not represent a contract, part of contract or other kind of agreement between and the customers of the site.
Personal Data
Researches: By completing of registration you agree to receive by e-mail invitation for full in of our feedback from the customers, which will be sending with every order made by you for purchasing of unit from us, as the comment must be anonymous. By completing of the comment, you agree to be put on our web site with the only purpose to inform (future) clients for the services (level) and the quality of the respective product. We reserve our right to correct, reject or remove comments at our discretion. The feedback application should be accepted as research and does not include any (further commercial) offers, invitations or encouragements or other similar intentions. If you no longer wish to receive e-mails asking for researches you just can click on the link for refusing abonament or  to answer ( with do not abonament” in the line for message theme
Through „Blog club” you have the opportunity to publish your opinion about the products. Publishing the comments must be well-grounded; it does not matter if they are positive ot negative. It would be better if the comments are grounded of personal example. Comments which do not respond to the above requirements or (by our opinion) do not present value information for the user of the web site will not be published. 
Making on-line order:
The on-line orders are counting as placed interest and it is no need a distant sale (or deal) before telephone confirmation. The conclusion of distance sale is considering the oral agreement between the client and the employee of, after which:
v The store iscommitted to safe the product chosen by the client within reasonable time limit, previously arranged between the employee of and the customer, or to send the wanted product via courier in a appropriate packing.    
v The customer is obliged to pay the amount of the product directly in the shop within the previously agreed term; or by receiving the delivery on the pointed address by the customer.
The customer has the right to dismiss the order within 3 / three/ days, or the day before the delivery. If this happens after the order is already sent, the customer owes a penalty for the made transport expenses. 
The presented pictures of the products are illustrative and do not represent picture of the concrete product which the customer will receive by the order. In this sense, there are possible some differences between the submitted image and the actual product. These differences are considered normally, when they are insignificantly, do not violate the common vision and functionality of the product and do not mislead the customer in delusion regarding the purpose of the product.     
The payment is via cash on delivery (payable in cash on the currier upon receiving of the product or directly from the store) or via bank transfer. The way of payment is chosen by the client, as the default payment is by cash on delivery.  There are and other methods of payment as bank transfer, which is after additional agreement by telephone conversation. reserves the rights to refuse orders.
Return of bought product
In line with the current laws, the client has the right to return the product purchased by him within seven working days without giving a specify reasons. The condition in it is to return the product unused and in the state in which it was received ( ie in the packing in which was delivered). In this case the money will be refund, as all costs of the transport and payments remain on behalf of the client.    

News bulletin and other information
If you want you can register for our news-bulletin and to receive other information from us (regarding us, our products and promotional offers and/or services). If you no longer wish to receive our news-bulletin and other promotional offers, just click on the link for refusing of subscribe, or to answer with “do not subscribe” in the subject line. 
Personal data
The subscribed personal data with the registration of the web site, as with made orders by the phone or other way are strict confidential andare not available to third parties, with the exception of the following cases:   
Name, Address and telephone number will be provided to the currier company, which is making the deliveries, in the event that you purchase online and you wish the product to be deliver to the pointed address. Provision of such data is required for the delivery. The security of the personal data in the courier system is responsibility of the courier service.
The personal data will be provided to the relevant authorities with well-grounded and lawful requirement of data by their side.  
In the event of disputes outside the scope of these terms, the Bulgarian legislation shall be apply and established practices in this case.  

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Gocycle S

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